Easy Mobile Wizard

Product summary

Easy Mobile Wizard was created to create building mobile websites as simple as attainable while not having to pay monthly fees for the service. The drag and drop system makes it therefore straightforward to line up a mobile web site quickly. The desktop software package was designed victimization Adobe Air, which suggests it’ll works each on waterproof and computer.

Here is what simple Mobile Wizard:

Easy-to-Use system uses drag-and-drop practicality combined with a easy interface.

Includes professionally designed, programme optimized templates that Google and alternative search engines square measure aiming to love!

sleek integration with Google Analytics Mobile and Google Maps.

Supports the employment of standard social share buttons, together with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

Pre-loaded web site structure for niche sites like: general business, restaurant, architect, spa, lawyer, medical practitioner and night club.

Live preview within the software package. Supporting following mobile devices: iPhone four, iPad, HTC need and customary Tablets.

vital options and modules: “Tap to Call”  (Push)Button, “Back to Desktop Version’s” button, Google Maps, Adjoin kind, Voucher, Solid Food Menu (for restaurant’s etc), FAQ, RSS Feed reader, Manage unlimited variety of internet sites in one place, web site publication, importation new mobile templates a lot of|and far} much more…


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What’s within the Package?

Easy Mobile Wizard

Downloadable desktop software system (works on mac and PC) that creates building mobile websites simple
The software package user manual (PDF)
The software package video guide (MP4)
Unlimited installs license
Life-time free automatic updates

MoLeadster (upsell)

Downloadable desktop package (works on mac and PC) that finds local businesses while not a mobile web site in seconds
The package user manual (PDF)
The package video guide (MP4)
Unlimited installs license
Life-time free automatic updates

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